Permit to Work Software

Create, track and manage the whole work permit process hassle-free!

Safe, Swift, and Seamless Permit Approvals

NeoEHS's Permit to Work Software is your key to optimizing permit workflows and proactively managing associated risks. Our platform empowers businesses by simplifying the permit approval process, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks, and ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Enhanced Safety

Enhanced Safety

It mitigates accident risk by ensuring every task is executed safely



You will always comply with applicable laws and regulations



Tasks that used to take hours can now be completed in minutes

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Less accidents mean lower insurance and fewer disruptions at work

Key Features of Permit to Work Software

Integrated Risk Assessments

PTW software includes an integrated risk management module so users can identify and mitigate risks related to their work. It ensures that the workers and environment are safe.

Integrated Risk Assessments

Automated Workflow

The permit to work system automates permit issuance, tracking, and closure. It reduces paperwork, expedites permitting, and ensures regulatory compliance.

Automated Workflow

Real-Time Visibility

Gain real-time insights into Permit to Work approvals, rejections, and expirations. Users can monitor permit compliance and take necessary action.

Real-Time Visibility
  • Active directory integration for seamless user management

  • Accessible from any device, ensuring flexibility and convenience

  • Easily attach documents and images to enhance your workflow

  • Export PTW (Permit to Work) approvals as PDF files for documentation

  • Advanced search and filter options to explore data

  • Improved capabilities with integrations for Oracle, SAP, and SIMOPs

Analytics and Reporting

Users can analyze trends, optimize processes, and demonstrate compliance to regulators using data on permit usage, compliance, and EHS performance.

Analytics and Reporting

Why NeoEHS Permit To Work Software?

The dashboard is 100% customizable based on your needs. The Permit to Work software dashboard provides easy access to information such as permit number, version, issuing authority, date of issue, and expiration date.

Data visualization

Track permits to completion

Real-time insights

Leverage mobile accessibility to approve PTW, risk assessments, and other critical information from the job site without the need to leave.

Approve permits anywhere

Offline synchronization

QR code

Permit to Work management software enables you to keep track of all permits for maximum compliance and safety at work. It offers a comprehensive report of incidents during various types of work.

Handle e-permit activities

Stay updated with the status

Accelerate the permit process

From permit approval to the commencement of work, everything can be done digitally. PTW software automates the creation and issuance of permits to ensure compliance, and uses pre-configured workflows to track the activities of PTW.

Monitor work permits

Analyze risk assessments

Review and approve permits

Your Questions, Answered

Permit To Work software is a digital system designed to manage the permit to work process within business units. It provides a centralized platform for requesting, approving, issuing, and tracking permits online.

The permit request is typically initiated within the software, specifying the work, safety precautions, and equipment needed. The request is then routed through an approval process, which involves HSE supervisors, safety officers, and other relevant personnel.

NeoEHS’ PTW system can be tailored to organization's specific needs and industry requirements.

Improved safety, streamlined workflows, reduced paperwork, real-time visibility into work status, compliance with regulations, and cost savings.

It can be used in various industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, port and more, as long as there are potentially hazardous work activities that require permits.

Together, Let's Simplify The Permit Process!

You can track permits to completion with NeoEHS Permit To Work software. Our centralized interface helps workers identify, account for, and reduce workplace risks.