Carbon Emission Management

Reduce Carbon Emissions With Our Carbon Emission Management Software

NeoEHS carbon emission management software can help you in managing and minimizing greenhouse emissions effortlessly

Manage Carbon Footprints

With the aid of carbon management software, businesses and organizations can determine their carbon emission levels and implement strategies for effective carbon usage. Using our software, you can track carbon emissions from both direct and indirect sources and manage carbon footprints with ease

Integrate Global Standards

Firstly, it is essential to integrate global emission protocols and standards into your organization to mitigate carbon emissions. Our carbon emission management software will help you maintain compliance with the standard regulations. It plays a vital role in creating a sustainable environment.

  • Global emission protocols
  • Maintain compliance
  • Mitigate carbon emissions
  • Create a sustainable environment

Calculate Carbon Emissions

Our software will help you in calculating Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions. You will get accurate calculations for various protocols and geographies. Ensure to maintain a detailed record of the collected data. Using the record data, you will get to know the emission factor. Based on it, you can take preventive action.

  • Calculate carbon emissions
  • Scope 1 (direct emissions)
  • Scope 2 (indirect emissions)
  • Scope 3 (indirect emission outside the organization)

Emission Factors

Based on the activity, time, location, and emitted gas, you will get to identify its emission factor. These factors will make it easier to collect appropriate data and enable precise emission calculations throughout your organization. These data can help you in building a sustainable workplace with ease.

  • Calculate emitted gas
  • Determine activity
  • View time and location
  • Identify emission factors

Centralized Data

Using our carbon emission software, you can get ESG outputs, such as board packets, ESG safety data sheets, ESG reporting, sustainability reports, and internal KPI reports. You can provide your sustainability department and other stakeholders with access to this recorded data.

  • Get ESG data sheets
  • ESG and sustainability reporting
  • KPI reports
  • Notify the sustainability department

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Through our carbon emission management software, you can get easier and more accurate carbon footprint reporting effortlessly. By leveraging the collected data, you can mitigate carbon footprints and also create a positive impact on the planet. Our software will help you maintain a safer organization.

  • Get carbon footprint reporting
  • Collect data
  • Mitigate carbon footprints
  • Maintain a sustainable organization

Create A Sustainable Environment With Ease!

With our carbon emission management software, you can minimize carbon footprints and also improve your overall ESG performance.