An environmental, health, and safety software for shopping malls

Transform your shopping mall's EHS management with our NeoEHS software solution.

Safety software tailored to shopping malls' needs

We understand that shopping malls face numerous safety and security issues, such as network access, fire, and injuries. An integrated management software that includes video surveillance and intrusion prevention can be the best way to control these risks. With our comprehensive HSE software tailored specifically for shopping malls, we offer an intuitive solution to ensure visitors' and employees' safety and well-being while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Streamline Risk Management

Identify and assess potential risks associated with various activities within the mall premises using our software. Our risk management software enables seamless tracking, management, and reporting of unidentified risks. By proactively addressing these risks, you can minimize future incidents and build a safer environment within your malls.

Streamline Risk Management
Conduct Audits and Inspections

Conduct Audits and Inspections

With our inspection and audit management software, you can efficiently schedule, monitor, and analyze inspections to identify potential hazards within your organization. Through regular audits and inspections, you can create a safer and healthier workspace for all stakeholders. Also, you can maintain safety standards and meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.

Enhance Safety Performance

Empower your shopping mall's safety performance with our EHS software. Utilizing our management system allows you to track, manage, and report issues while implementing preventive measures to mitigate them effectively. Promote a safe and secure environment for shoppers, tenants, and employees, minimizing the risk of accidents and liabilities.

Enhance Safety Performance

Solutions for Shopping Malls

Risk Management

Identify and report risks associated with various activities within the mall premises, enabling proactive measures to mitigate future incidents.

Document Management

HSE software lets you centralize EHS-related documents, such as policies, procedures, permits, and training materials.

Incident Management

Ensure that slips, trips, and falls are reported and investigated promptly, preventing future incidents.

Inspections and Audits

Maintain safety standards, identify potential hazards, and meet regulatory requirements easily with routine inspections and audits.

Permit To Work Management

With our PTW management software, we streamline issuing, tracking, and managing permits.

Task Management

Assign and track tasks to the relevant personnel, ensuring accountability and timely completion of critical safety measures.

Emergency Preparedness

Malls can use an emergency management system to prevent, prepare for, and manage workplace emergencies.

Training Management

Simplify the training process by developing, scheduling, revising, tracking, and reporting on employee training and certifications.