An environmental, health, and safety software for shopping malls

With our EHS software, keep a track of the smallest details of mall management in aspects of business, personnel usage, and income production.

Safety software tailored to shopping malls' needs

Shopping malls face numerous safety and security issues, such as network access, fire, and injuries. An integrated management software that includes video surveillance, and intrusion prevention can be the best way to control these risks. The EHS software offered by NeoEHS enhances the customer experience, advances safety, and boosts internal productivity.

Control Risks Seamlessly

With our risk management software, you can track, manage, and also report unidentified risks. By doing so, you can minimize future incidents and also create a safer workspace in your malls.

Control Risks Seamlessly
Perform Audits And Inspections

Perform Audits And Inspections

Schedule, monitor, and analyze inspections to recognize unforeseen hazards in your organization. Through periodic audits and inspections, you can maintain a safer and healthier environment.

Amplify Safety Performance

With EHS software for shopping malls, you can strengthen safety performance with ease. Using our software, you can track, manage, and report issues and also take preventive measures to control them.

Amplify Safety Performance

Solutions for shopping malls


Permit to work

A permit to work form includes detailed information about the nature and type of work.


Risk assessment

Risk assessments play a vital role in identifying unrecognized risks in your organization.


Incident management

Track, manage, analyze, and report incidents to advance efficiency in no time.


Hazard Management

Identify hazards and take preventive measures to minimize future incidents.


Audits & Inspection

Audits and inspections will help you in creating a safer and healthier environment.


Toolbox Talks

Automate safety meetings and significantly reduce paperwork.