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NeoEHS is a powerful EHS management software that helps organizations manage workplace risks, prevent incidents, and promote a culture of safety and sustainability.

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All-in-one EHS software for workplace safety

Environmental health and safety have become crucial for individuals, businesses, and communities. There is a wide range of EHS issues that organizations must manage, from incident management to workplace safety and compliance standards. Our environmental health and safety software helps address the specific needs of each organization, with tailor-made solutions to meet unique EHS challenges and goals.

Our Top-Rated Safety Solutions

Incident Management

NeoEHS offers top-notch EHS incident management software that makes it easy to record, track, examine, and report all workplace incidents. Easily track injuries, property damage, spills, and workplace accidents.

Audit Management

An EHS inspection and audit solution that ensures your workplace is safe and your employees are healthy. You can seamlessly conduct EHS audits, assessments, and inspections anywhere, anytime.

Risk Management

Monitoring all aspects of the workplace helps ensure a safe and healthy environment. Our EHS risk management software provides a powerful and intuitive platform for managing operational risks.

Permit to Work Management

Centralize and automate the permit to work process. The software helps reduce the likelihood of human errors and enables real-time tracking and monitoring of work permits and associated safety procedures.

Emergency Management

Organizations can better anticipate and prepare for emergencies, minimize their environmental impact, and comply with safety regulations and standards using EHS emergency management solution.

Air-Quality Management

EHS software helps organizations identify potential sources of air pollution and develop strategies to mitigate them. Assess risks, identify equipment or processes that generate high levels of emissions.

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