Live Tracking System

Track Your Team Easily Using Our Live Tracking Software

With NeoEHS live tracking software, you can view what, when, and how your employees acted in real-time. Stay updated all the time.

Real-Time Tracking

Live tracking software can help you in tracking your team’s every moment effortlessly. Improve efficiency and team utilization by harnessing the potential of real-time location intelligence for effective dispatching, perceptive client alerts, and automated workflows.

Collect Location Data

Gather detailed information about the network connectivity and mobile battery life of your team to support automated workflows. Set up notifications and alerts to manage proactive team governance. You can keep live track of your team and schedule their daily tasks effortlessly.

  • Live location.
  • Dashboard and reports.
  • Monitor employees.
  • Time management.

Optimize Daily Routine

Start by making use of route optimization to quickly design efficient routes for your field team. Set limitations on factors like time, the travel distance between work, and vehicle type. You may minimize the time between client meetings by planning each team member's route in advance and preventing traffic issues.

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Mitigate time wastes.
  • Schedule tasks.
  • Maintain workflow.

Insightful Customer Alerts

Nowadays, customers don't have to wait or make phone calls to find out the technician's location. When the technician is on the way, notify your clients with an automated ETA notification. These automated customer alerts can help you offer a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Mitigate time wastes.
  • Schedule tasks.
  • Maintain workflow.


Set up smart geo-fencing and rules to root out inconsistencies in your data collection. Automate processes to eliminate manual work. By doing so you can calculate team usage and productivity with precision. Using dynamic GPS monitoring technology, you can always keep track of your team members.

  • GPS tracking.
  • Assign tasks in real-time.
  • Automate work processes.
  • Advance productivity.

Complete Employee Privacy

The confidentiality of your employees will never be endangered by this tool, despite the real-time tracking. We have taken measures to ensure that only those with permission can access the private data of your workers. Thus, you can leverage our software and keep a track of your employees with ease.

  • Maintain privacy.
  • Mitigate damages.
  • Secured dashboard.
  • Restricted accessibility.

Boost Productivity With Our Live Tracking Software

Our live tracking software can control your employees’ time and implement a daily schedule. It increases your team’s productivity.