Aviation safety management system software

We compile hazards in the aviation industry into a comprehensive airline safety management system to reduce risks and create a safer workplace.

Proactively manage aerospace safety and risk with NeoEHS software

Aviation follows the highest safety standards and protocols, so safety, compliance, and risk management are essential. We offer Aviation Safety Management Software that improves compliance, operational risk, and safety management. Our aviation SMS software supports operational efficiency and airline profitability by providing effective safety, audit, and risk software.

Enhance your aviation safety action

The aviation safety world requires qualified professionals to manage airlines aviation safety and remain current on aviation safety regulations. Our Aviation SMS solution provides efficient data collection and enhances aviation safety action programs.

Enhance your aviation safety action
Assess safety risks proactively

Assess safety risks proactively

Identifying hazards and their potential harm is the first step in risk management. As part of an airline’s SMS program, formal wordflow can be developed to ensure this analysis, assessment and control using Aviation Safety Management Software.

Analyze safety incidents & gain insights

NeoEHS's incident management software helps to capture, track, investigate, analyze, and report all incidents effectively. The collected data is used to determine the underlying cause of incidents in the aviation safety program.

Analyze safety incidents & gain insights

Safety solutions for the aviation industry


Permit to work

A permit to work form includes specific instructions about the nature and location of the job.


Risk assessment

Manage and complete crucial risk assessments for your jobs and activities in one place.


Incident management

Incidents can be recorded, reviewed, monitored, and investigated to increase efficiency.


Audits & Inspection

Audit and inspect your data to ensure your manufacturing unit’s safety processes are effective


Inspection management

Your entire organization can schedule, complete, and report inspections


Machinery maintenance

The software assists organizations in monitoring machines and verifying compliance