Aviation safety management system software

We compile hazards in the aviation industry into a comprehensive airline safety management system to reduce risks and create a safer workplace.

Proactively manage aerospace safety and risk with EHS software

Our aviation safety management software prioritizes adherence to the highest safety standards and protocols, ensuring robust compliance, risk management, and safety enhancement. Our software is designed to optimize operational efficiency and enhance airline profitability, and it facilitates effective management of safety, audits, and risks within the aviation sector.

Enhance your aviation safety

In the aviation safety landscape, skilled professionals are essential for managing airline safety and staying compliant with regulatory updates. Our aviation sms software streamlines data collection and strengthens aviation safety action programs, ensuring efficient management of safety protocols and compliance measures.

Enhance your aviation safety
Assess safety risks proactively

Assess safety risks proactively

The initial phase of risk management involves identifying hazards and evaluating their potential impact. With our HSE software, a structured workflow can be established to facilitate this analysis, assessment, and control process. Our aviation safety management software supports the development of such formal workflows, ensuring thorough hazard identification and effective risk management within aviation operations.

Analyze safety incidents & gain insights

Handle safety inspections, risk reporting, task management, and workflow creation seamlessly with our software. Also, you can manage incidents like spills, leaks, and exposure events with our incident management software. Seamlessly track incidents from initial reporting to resolution, ensuring that appropriate corrective actions are taken.

Analyze safety incidents & gain insights

Solutions for an Aviation Industry

Incident Management

Streamline the reporting and investigating safety incidents, near misses, and accidents.

Risk Management

Conduct risk assessments for various activities, such as flight operations, maintenance, and ground handling.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Management

Maintain an up-to-date repository of SDS for hazardous materials used in aviation operations.

Permit To Work Management

Manage PTW processes, that are crucial for ensuring safety and regulatory compliance during maintenance and repair activities.

Training Management

Track employee training required for aviation safety, including recurrent training for pilots, maintenance personnel, and ground crew.

Audit and Inspection Management

Schedule and conduct internal audits and inspections of facilities, equipment, and processes.