NeoEHS Confined Space Permit

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Confined Space Permit

A confined space permit is a document that controls entry into confined spaces within a workplace or industrial setting. Confined spaces are areas not designed for continuous occupancy, have limited means of entry or exit, and may present hazards due to their design, construction, or contents.

Our NeoEHS software is designed to streamline the process of managing permits for entry into confined spaces. These applications aim to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety measures associated with confined space entry by digitizing the permit system.

Activities That Come Under Confined Space Permit

Confined space work permits are required for activities involving entry into spaces that have specific characteristics. Here are activities commonly necessitating a confined space entry permit:

  • Any work involving maintenance, repair, or servicing of equipment

  • Inspecting the condition of confined spaces, such as tanks, silos, sewers, or tunnels

  • Cleaning and decontamination

  • Building infrastructure or installing equipment

  • Rescue or emergency responses

  • Collecting samples, conducting tests, or monitoring confined spaces

  • Welding, cutting, or other hot work

  • Storage, handling, or transfer of substances

Activities That Come Under Confined Space Permit
Components of a Confined Space Permit

Components of a Confined Space Permit

Here are the critical components found in a confined space work permit:

  • Date of issue and expiration of permit

  • Permit number or identification code

  • Names and roles of individuals authorized to enter the confined space

  • Designated entrants or supervisors

  • Pre-entry requirements and hazard assessments

  • Specific entry procedures

  • Contact information for emergency services or rescue teams

  • Isolation and Lockout/Tagout procedures

  • PPE for entrants and attendants

  • Scheduled duration for work within the confined space

  • Authorization signatures from designated individuals

  • Requirements for continuous monitoring

Precautions Checklist

Here's a checklist of precautions commonly included in a confined space work permit to ensure the safety of individuals entering and working in confined spaces:

  • Identification and evaluation of confined space

  • Conduct atmospheric testing to ensure air quality

  • Check for oxygen levels, flammable gases, toxic substances, etc

  • Ensure adequate ventilation to maintain a safe atmosphere

  • Test and verify the effectiveness of ventilation systems before entry

  • Isolate or lockout/tagout any energy sources

  • Communication and entry procedures

  • Ensure all entrants and attendants have the necessary PPE

  • Designate competent attendants to monitor entrants

  • Duration and work completion

  • Ensure all personnel involved in confined space entry are adequately trained

  • Permit authorization and review

Precautions Checklist
Key Features

Key Features

Our application offers customizable checklists, consolidating all permit-related information into a single, user-friendly platform. Users can conveniently export data in Excel or PDF formats and gain real-time insights into permit data. Additionally, our system is designed for seamless integration with various technology platforms. Users also receive instant notifications for permit expirations, ensuring timely action and compliance.

Why Do You Need A Confined Space Permit From Us?

With NeoEHS software, you can streamline the process of managing permits for entry into confined spaces.

Hassle-Free Process

Users must submit only essential details like confined space location, hazard assessments, safety measures, work duration, and authorization information to generate digital permits.

Customizable Templates

Using our app, you can create tailored permit templates aligned with industry standards, allowing customization for diverse confined spaces or work types.

Data Centralization

Centralized storage of permits and related documentation supports easy access, retrieval, and compliance record-keeping.

Automated Alerts

Automated reminders for permit expiration, re-evaluations, or safety checks keep permits current and compliant.


Our app provides checklists to guide users through safety checks pre-entry, ensuring comprehensive precautions before accessing confined spaces.

Seamless Integration

Our application can be integrated with other software systems or safety management platforms to streamline data sharing for a user-friendly safety management solution.