Port / Maritime

A port safety management system that improves safety and resilience

We help you assess navigation, operation, and environmental risks; develop safety management systems for ports.

A maritime safety management software for a risk-free port

The port is considered to be one of the most hazardous workplaces. Regardless of whether it is the safety of vessels and equipment, spills, toxic chemicals, or general safety hazards, a single mistake can lead to a chain reaction that could result in fatalities. NeoEHS' port safety management system ensures that men and machinery are safe by gathering data, identifying hazards, assessing risks, and recording incidents.

Identify and manage risks proactively

The NeoEHS’s marine safety management system streamlines processes and manages associated risks. This ensures safety, health, and productivity for workers in busy commercial ports as well as leisure harbours.

Improve performance and decrease incidents

The port safety management system enables users to identify key areas for better and faster decision-making and monitor key performance areas that require follow-up. With actionable insights, users can make smarter decisions faster.

Stay on top of your sustainability goals

It helps port authorities in reducing the emissions that are generated by ships, trucks, trains, and power plants by giving them the ability to track and report sustainability metrics. This simplifies the collection, verification, and analysis of data about the ships, trucks, trains, and power plants that clean up ports.

Solutions for the port and harbour

Permit to work

A permit to work form includes specific instructions about the nature and location of the job.

Risk assessment

Manage and complete crucial risk assessments for your jobs and activities in one place.

Incident management

Incidents can be recorded, reviewed, monitored, and investigated to increase efficiency.

Audits & Inspection

Audit and inspect your data to ensure your manufacturing unit’s safety processes are effective

Inspection management

Your entire organization can schedule, complete, and report inspections

Waste management

Tracking, manifesting, and reporting waste in compliance with global regulations