Port / Maritime

A port safety management system that improves safety and resilience

We help you assess navigation, operation, and environmental risks; develop safety management systems for ports.

A maritime safety management software for a risk-free port

The port is considered to be one of the most hazardous workplaces. Regardless of whether it is the safety of vessels and equipment, spills, toxic chemicals, or general safety hazards, a single mistake can lead to a chain reaction that could result in fatalities. NeoEHS' port safety management system ensures that men and machinery are safe by gathering data, identifying hazards, assessing risks, and recording incidents.

Identify and manage risks proactively

The NeoEHS’s marine safety management system streamlines processes and manages associated risks. This ensures safety, health, and productivity for workers in busy commercial ports as well as leisure harbours.

Identify and manage risks proactively
Identify and manage risks proactively

Improve performance and decrease incidents

The port safety management system enables users to identify key areas for better and faster decision-making and monitor key performance areas that require follow-up. With actionable insights, users can make smarter decisions faster.

Stay on top of your sustainability goals

It helps port authorities in reducing the emissions that are generated by ships, trucks, trains, and power plants by giving them the ability to track and report sustainability metrics. This simplifies the collection, verification, and analysis of data about the ships, trucks, trains, and power plants that clean up ports.

Stay on top of your sustainability goals

Solutions for the Port and Harbour

Employee Management
  • Employee Registrations with import (Bulk Upload from Excel)

  • Employee Login Access control

  • Employee License and Certification Details

Contractor Management
  • Contractor Registration with import

  • Contractor Login Access control

  • Contractor Insurance, License Details,

  • Tracking List of Contractors with their Competency to Apply for PTW

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Risk Control (HIRARC)
  • Library for hazards and existing controls

  • Facility to access and record the Hazard Identification

  • Immediate notification to intended parties through email.

  • Facility for admin to direct action to the relevant department by category

  • Status on Hazard identification, timeline, progress, and completion status

  • Risk analysis & assessment

  • Risk control - Implement safety control measures

  • Review and update

Incident Management
  • Incident reporting facility for users with supporting documents, photos, video attachments

  • Immediate notification to all relevant personnel by email

  • Incident investigation Recording

  • Review Committee Finding Recording

  • Response Action Plan

  • Response Action tracking

  • Investigation closure/ reports

Permit To Work
  • Definition of Permissible Work Standards

  • Permit initiation and scheduling

  • Permit approval

  • Permit allocation/ issue/ Printing/display

  • Work completion status update

HSSE Inspection
  • Inspection category definitions

  • Inspector allocations

  • Inspection checklists and forms

  • Inspection finding recording

  • Photograph / Sketches/documents upload

  • Inspection Report Generation

  • Inspection review

  • Corrective Action Reporting (CAPA) for the finding

  • Configuring and escalating email and SMS notifications to ensure deadlines are met and the task is completed on time

  • Approval of CAPA

  • Inspection closure

Guard Tour System
  • Set Location Points

  • Generation of QR Code for each location

  • Reports detailing each employee's admission and exit in each location

Port Security Access
  • Add Vehicle Details

  • Apply for PSA

  • Scan of QR Code for each entry & exit inside the port

  • Observe the access of the vehicle inside the port

  • Scan of QR Code for each entry inside the port

  • Report detailing each vehicle's admission and exit in each location

Action Tracking & Action Registry(ATAR)
  • Response Action Plan for all CA/PA

  • Response Action tracking

  • Action closure/ reports

Machinery Management
  • Add new machinery with the required documents

  • Plan for the Machinery inspection

  • Issue machinery Entry ID

  • The report detailing each machinery

Chemical Management
  • Chemical register add based on the location

  • Maintain the chemical supplier details

  • Apply for the new chemical register

  • Approve the chemical details

  • The report detailing each chemical

Waste Management
  • Waste type register & Packaging type register

  • Waste inventory to maintain the waste add and the disposal details

  • The waste cart for details of the waste includes handling the waste, Risk analysis

  • The report detailing each waste item