Project Management

Track Projects Effortlessly With Our Project Management Software

Maintain field connectivity by streamlining quality and safety management in your construction project.

Effortless Reporting - Stay Compliant Using Our Software

With NeoEHS project management software, you can go from on-paper to on-site effortlessly. From managing major projects to digitalizing tasks for your team, everyday operations can be managed with ease. Our software can help you manage tasks in a scalable environment that fits your needs.

Standardize and Digitize

Organize, track, and monitor your workflows with our project management software. With streamlined paperless quality and safety control maintained on the cloud, you can promote traceability and transparency. Our software plays a vital role in simplifying your workflows and managing issues with ease.

  • Schedule tasks.
  • Track and monitor workflows.
  • Digitize analyzed data.
  • Report unidentified risks.

Perform Inspections

Through inspections, you can collect your site and project data. From the recorded information, you can find out the issues seamlessly. Track the progress of the project and note any difficulties that have been brought up while analyzing the recorded data. By doing so, you can mitigate future risks.

  • Organize inspections.
  • Customized checklists.
  • Identify issues.
  • Corrective actions.

Detailed Reporting

Utilize analytical dashboards and automated PDF reports to keep tabs on project standards. By carrying out inspections and audits, you can get to view unidentified risks in your organization. Detailed reporting will help you mitigate future incidents and build a safer workplace.

  • Analyze recorded data.
  • Determine resolutions.
  • Preventive actions.
  • Record data.

Centralized Data

Maintaining complete data about your projects in a single system can make your safety management process effortless. By performing inspections, you will get to view the risks in your projects. Track, analyze, and report unidentified risks and perform effective measures to solve the issue.

  • Single system data collection.
  • Analyze risks.
  • Track unidentified hazards.
  • Carry out effective measures.

Safety Reports

Change the way safety is managed in your project by using standardized, periodic checks to identify flaws, take immediate action, and foster a culture of shared accountability for safety. Our project management software can help you identify flaws in your project and take appropriate action.

  • Prevent incidents.
  • Safety checklists.
  • Corrective actions.
  • Safety reports.

Maintain Safety In Your Project With Ease

With our project management software, you can keep track of issues, their causes, and how they are resolved to promote high standards of quality compliance.