Frequently Asked Questions

What is NeoEHS?

NeoEHS is an advanced EHS & ESG software that integrates all aspects of environmental, health & safety management in order to reduce operational risk and improve health and safety performance while achieving corporate sustainability objectives.

Can the software be customized to meet my organization's needs?

Yes, our safety software is all built on the proven best practices of the safety industry. We are aware that your business might have certain needs and therefore, we will customize our software modules to meet your exact requirements by incorporating your organization's EHS and ESG processes into our software.

How much does NeoEHS cost?

Our solution is offered in a one-time setup model with a yearly AMC, and we charge on a module basis along with customization options based on customer needs. Please contact us for more information.

What industries does NeoEHS provide solutions for?

As an industry owner, safety and health of workers and machinery are of the utmost importance. Our solutions are designed to help below industries achieve the safety and health of their workers and machinery.

What is the average time it takes to get software up and running?

The implementation of the software program usually takes between 48 and 60 hours to complete. However, customizing the application may take more time depending on the requirement.

I would like to see a demo. How do I do that?

It is easy to request a demo through the "Request a demo" page or to reach out to our sales team via live chat or by sending an email to if you have any questions.

Does NeoEHS support both web and mobile users?

Our software is a web-based application with responsive design that automatically adapts to the device regardless of its screen size. Therefore, it will also work with web browsers on smartphones and tablets.

As part of our offering, we also provide Mobile Apps that are available across a range of mobile platforms, including smartphones that are powered by iOS and Android operating systems.

Does NeoEHS support multiple languages?

Supporting our global customers with 10+ languages is one of the ways in which we deliver the EHS solutions.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal as well as bank transfer and check transfer depending on the convenience of the customer. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Can this be integrated with other platforms?

We Provide API integration with all communication tools, reporting tools including Power BI, Tableau, SAP integration, and IOT-related integrations for workplace safety monitoring.

How can I make modifications into software after going live?

When the software goes live, if changes need to be made to existing functionality or new functionality is added, all such requests will be considered "Change Requests" and will be handled under the change management program. These requests will be charged based on the estimated time needed to make those changes.

Is there any training available on the software?

As part of this demonstration, NeoEHS team members will demonstrate the installation, configuration and operational use of software. Client resources will be given an opportunity to ask any questions about software installation and configuration. Further, the software will be accompanied by a manual in addition to the instructions.

Where do we store our data and where is our software hosted?

The data you store on our servers belongs to you or your organization. You can also opt for cloud-based hosting services and manage everything by yourself.

What is an Annual maintenance contract (AMC)?

There is no charge for the first year of support for all our customers. However, from the second year onwards, you will be required to pay 20% of the total software cost as an Annual Maintenance Charge. AMC is optional for all customers.