Promote safer work culture using EHS software for the logistics industry

Managing safety and regulatory compliance with ease can help you meet deadlines and performance goals more quickly.

Easy-to-use software designed for logistics industry needs

NeoEHS equips businesses with actionable insights and predictive analytics to drastically improve EHS performance. The safe handling of products, goods, and people is crucial in the logistics sector. Our highly adaptable, user-friendly logistics safety platform is ideally designed for big fleets with intricate, dispersed operations.

Manage Operational Risks

Our EHS software will help you get comprehensive risk management solutions that enable all kinds of hazard investigations across the logistics sector. Evaluate worker risks and carry out a qualitative risk analysis to advance your EHS performance.

Manage Operational Risks
Amplify EHS Performance

Amplify EHS Performance

Logistics EHS software can track, monitor, and analyze incidents. By planning and monitoring training sessions, as well as observing and analyzing recorded data, you can advance EHS performance across the organization.

Build Safer Workplace

Using EHS software for the logistics industry, you have experience in safety management and simplify essential safety components. Our software will help you mitigate risks and build a safer workplace with ease.

Build Safer Workplace
Enhance safety performance

Enhance safety performance

Safety software for manufacturing business allows employees at all levels are able to report safety issues to the organization, enabling the business to address hazards and concerns more efficiently, which results in a reduction in incidents and injuries.

Solutions for the logistics industry


Incident Management

Track, analyze, and report incidents in compliance with organization requirements.


Audits and Inspection

Perform inspections and audits with ease to track and report unidentified risks.


Hazard Management

Analyze and report hazardous behaviors and conditions in the workplace.


Training Management

Organize and track staff training and competency effortlessly.


EHS Compliance

Create forms, centralize data and generate reports required for EHS compliance.


Equipment Management

Our software helps you in managing all types of equipment and resources.