Promote a safer work culture using EHS software for the logistics industry

Our EHS management software for the logistics industry manages safety and regulatory compliance efficiently.

Easy-to-use software designed for logistics industry needs

We understand the logistics industry's unique Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance challenges. That's why we've designed comprehensive safety software solutions tailored to meet the needs of logistics industries. NeoEHS equips businesses with actionable insights and predictive analytics to drastically improve EHS performance. Safely handling products, goods, and people is crucial in logistics. Our intuitive safety platform is ideally designed for big fleets with intricate, dispersed operations.

Manage operational risks

Our health and safety software will help you get comprehensive risk management solutions that enable all kinds of hazard investigations across the logistics sector. From warehouse safety to transportation hazards, our platform provides the tools necessary to proactively manage risks and ensure the well-being of employees and assets. Conduct thorough hazard investigations and qualitative risk analysis to improve overall safety performance.

Manage operational risks
Amplify EHS performance

Amplify EHS performance

Logistics EHS software can track, monitor, and analyze incidents. Planning and monitoring training sessions and observing and analyzing recorded data can advance EHS performance across the organization. Our software tracks changing regulations and automates compliance reporting, ensuring logistics industries adhere to regulatory standards.

Build safer workplace

Reduce your environmental footprint with our environmental management solutions. From waste management to emissions tracking, our software helps logistics industries implement sustainable practices and minimize environmental impact. Using EHS management software for the logistics industry will help you quickly mitigate risks and build a safer workplace.

Build safer workplace

Solutions for the Logistics Industry

Incident Management

Streamline incident reporting and resolution with our intuitive software, ensuring instant response and thorough documentation to mitigate risks effectively.

Risk Assessment

Identify, assess, and mitigate risks across your logistics operations using our comprehensive risk management tools.

Audit and Inspection

Conduct audits and inspections seamlessly, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Training Management

Streamline training processes and track employee certifications, ensuring your workforce remains knowledgeable and compliant with safety regulations.

Compliance Management

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements and maintain compliance effortlessly with our software.

Equipment Management

Optimize equipment usage and maintenance schedules with our software, ensuring assets efficiently operate while minimizing downtime and safety risks.