Manage Risks with our EHS Software for the Oil and Gas Industry

Automate your EHS management processes with our cutting-edge software tailored to meet the needs of the oil and gas sectors.

Cutting-Edge Software Tailored For Oil And Gas Industry Needs

The oil and gas sector faces numerous ESG regulations concerning emissions, land utilization, and carbon footprint reduction. NeoEHS offers comprehensive EHS management software designed to empower oil and gas firms. Through our complete EHS solution, organizations can increase safety culture, reduce risks, and ensure compliance.

Identify, Asses and Mitigate Potential Risks

Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks can be simplified with modules tailored to oil and gas operations' unique challenges and hazards. Conducting comprehensive risk assessments for various activities such as drilling, extraction, transportation, and refining is essential. Our software helps minimize risks by digitizing and restructuring intricate EHS processes within the oil and gas industry. You can enhance safety, compliance, and productivity by centralizing data and automating actionable reports.

Identify, Asses and Mitigate Potential Risks
Streamline EHS Processes

Streamline EHS Processes

Our software optimizes workflows, automates routine tasks, and eliminates manual processes, leading to increased efficiency, reduced administrative burden, and, ultimately, cost savings for your organization. Simplify your EHS operations with our software, saving valuable time on routine tasks. With features like automated reporting, streamlined workflows, and efficient task management, you can effortlessly oversee all EHS processes.

Periodic Inspections and Audits

Continuous improvement in safety within the oil and gas industry can be created through structured inspections and internal audits. By monitoring, analyzing, and promptly reporting findings, proactive measures can be taken to prevent incidents and enhance safety standards. Using our workplace safety software, you can gain in-depth insights into the EHS performance of your oil and gas industry with real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Periodic Inspections and Audits

Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Permit To Work

Manage permits for regulatory compliance, from application to renewal, with customizable workflows.

Audit and Inspection Management

Conduct audits and inspections, track findings, and generate reports to identify areas for improvement.

Training and Certification

Centralize training records, monitor certification expiration dates, and automate reminders to ensure workforce competence.

Risk/Hazard Management

Identify and mitigate potential hazards and risks proactively, safeguarding personnel and assets.

Emergency Management

Execute emergency response plans, coordinate resources, and communicate effectively during crises to mitigate threats.

Environmental Compliance Tracking

Monitor environmental performance metrics, track regulations, and take corrective actions to minimize environmental impact.

Waste Management

Streamline waste disposal processes, monitor waste generation, and ensure proper handling, recycling, or disposal methods.

Contractor Management

Simplify contractor onboarding, oversee performance, and manage contractual obligations to ensure compliance.

Incident Management

Capture, investigate, and resolve incidents while implementing preventive measures to reduce recurrence.