Training Management

Improve Operational Excellence With Our Training Management Software

With our training management software, you can simplify EHS with quality training, tracking, and planning across the organization.

Comprehensive Training To Manage EHSQ Tasks

Whether your objective is to increase performance or achieve compliance with standards like OSHA, ISO, or company rules, you need a reliable system to pinpoint training needs. NeoEHS training management software helps you in managing your EHS training programs and also in monitoring your employees’ training needs.

Advanced Training Programs

EHS training programs can help organizations educate their employees to stay safe and healthy. Scheduling and managing training programs are made simpler by automated processes. Simple access to a thorough training history reduces the difficulty of auditing and demonstrating compliance.

  • Easily track employees.
  • Standardize training requirements.
  • Expand your training program.
  • Manage all processes.

Stay Up-To-Date

To stay compliant and provide a safer work culture for your employees Easily keep track of each employee's training history for courses and records. It is essential to provide necessary training, identify training gaps, and overlook missed deadlines. Also, you can personalize and customize training programs based on the requirements.

  • Monitor training status.
  • Identify training gaps.
  • Examine past records.
  • Customized programs.

Regulatory Compliance

With automated tracking, you can comply with regulatory requirements and satisfy international compliance. Make sure your employees receive ongoing training in the most recent records as it's a crucial regulatory requirement for OSHA and ISO standards. Thus, your employees can adapt to new and changing regulations easily

  • Comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Satisfy international compliance.
  • Train employees with recent records.
  • Understand developing regulations.

Enhanced Tracking

Adopt tactical and strategic approaches while sharing data and methodologies to promote ongoing progress. Requesting and approving programs is made simpler by automated training operations. Simple access to a thorough training history reduces the difficulty of auditing and demonstrating compliance.

  • Employ tactical approaches.
  • Automated training operations.
  • Adheres to compliance standards.
  • Shareable content.

Get Detailed Reports

Using our training management software, you can get compliance-ready reports. The reports will be rich data visualizations that can be rapidly shared with all internal and external stakeholders. By leveraging the recorded data, you can examine the unforeseen risks and take necessary actions to mitigate them with ease.

  • Compliance-ready reports.
  • Rich-data visualizations.
  • Report unidentified risks.
  • Take preventive measures.

Optimize EHS Processes Effortlessly!

With NeoEHS training management software, you can organize, track, and automate everything from safety inspections to regulatory compliance audits with ease.