An environmental, health, and safety software for the manufacturing industry

Maintain compliance and create a safe workplace by finding an effective way to manage manufacturing employees' daily risks.

Safety software tailored to manufacturing industry needs

Health and safety management is one of the key elements to running a successful manufacturing operation. Industrial accidents do more than just disrupt their work schedules, they can damage morale and reduce productivity. The EHS software for manufacturing enables businesses to manage risks and maintain a strong inspection regime that ensures workplace safety and efficient operations.

Manage incidents seamlessly

NeoEHS’s incident management software can help you manage all workplace incidents and hazards within your manufacturing operations. Track, analyze, and resolve incidents through a single interface to improve productivity across all manufacturing units.

Manage incidents seamlessly
Streamline audits and inspections

Streamline audits and inspections

Schedule, track, and analyze inspections to detect deficiencies and take corrective action before injuries occur. By using our manufacturing inspection software, you can identify hidden vulnerabilities and improve your facility's behaviors, processes, and systems.

Enhance safety performance

Safety software for manufacturing business allows employees at all levels are able to report safety issues to the organization, enabling the business to address hazards and concerns more efficiently, which results in a reduction in incidents and injuries.

Enhance safety performance

Solutions for the manufacturing industry


Permit to work

A permit to work form includes specific instructions about the nature and location of the job.


Risk assessment

Manage and complete crucial risk assessments for your jobs and activities in one place


Incident management

Incidents can be recorded, reviewed, monitored, and investigated to increase efficiency.


Audits & Inspection

Audit and inspect your data to ensure your manufacturing unit’s safety processes are effective


Inspection management

Your entire organization can schedule, complete, and report inspections


Machinery maintenance

The software assists organizations in monitoring machines and verifying compliance