Emergency Management

Create A Safer Workplace With Our Emergency Management Software

With NeoEHS emergency management software, you can educate your employees to respond in case of emergencies.

Emergency Reporting - Track Your Employees’ Present Data

Our easy-to-use emergency management software helps you to keep track of everyone on site in case of emergency by gaining access to your employees’ present data. Using our software, you can develop a safer workplace in your organization.

Conduct Hazard Assessments

Risk and hazard assessments can be recorded on any device using our emergency management software. To make sure that your assessments are up-to-date, set up periodic evaluations. Examine the recorded data and take preventive measures to eliminate the risks in the organization.

  • Risk analysis.
  • Real-time insights.
  • Report risks.
  • Take corrective actions.

Manage Operational Risks

To ensure timely completion, create, prioritize, and monitor corrective actions throughout the assessments. Use real-time data insights to determine unidentified risks and take necessary measures to mitigate future incidents. By using emergency management software, you can create a safer work culture.

  • Identify operational risks.
  • Near-misses.
  • Record analyzed data.
  • Build a safer workplace.

Monitor Situational Awareness

Create a map to evaluate data in real-time from any place and take data-driven decisions during emergency situations. Utilize emergency management software for assessing effects and assisting you in allocating resources effectively. By analyzing the recorded data, you can avoid future incidents in your organization.

  • Create a shared map.
  • Access data.
  • Report unidentified risks.
  • Mitigate future incidents.

Determine Location Of Incidents

By keeping track of resource and incident locations, you can assist teams in finding the closest accessible resources rapidly. GPS tracking can be done on any device. Tracking the location of incidents could help organizations to mitigate risks and provide a safer environment for their employees.

  • Live location tracking.
  • Locate incidents instantly.
  • Eliminate risks.
  • Stay compliant.

Get Emergency Notifications

To notify responsible stakeholders of changes, create alerts based on regulatory updates. Utilize insights to quickly and simply discover whether licenses across your ../assets are approaching due dates or are past late. Our emergency management software will help maintain licenses and certifications across all ../assets.

  • Up-to-date information.
  • Regulatory updates.
  • Renewal dates.
  • Manage certifications.

Manage Any Incident Effectively With Our Emergency Management Software

Using emergency management software, you can make potential decisions around risk mitigation, and provide a safer work culture for your employees.