NeoEHS General Permit to Work

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General Permit to Work

A General Permit to Work (PTW) is a document used in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, chemical, logistics, avation, ports, oil and gas, etc,. to control and manage work activities that have the potential to introduce significant risks. The primary purpose of a Permit to Work system is to ensure that potentially hazardous work is identified, assessed, and authorized before it begins. This helps to protect the safety of workers, the public, and the environment.

Our NeoEHS app is a digital tool designed to streamline and enhance the process of issuing, managing, and tracking permits for various work activities in industries.

Scope of the General Work Permit

A General Permit to Work covers a range of routine or repetitive work activities that are well-defined and have predictable risks. Examples may include maintenance, operation, cleaning, or inspection tasks.

Risk Assessment:Before issuing a permit, a thorough risk assessment is usually conducted to identify potential hazards associated with the work. This assessment helps determine the necessary precautions and controls. NeoEHS incorporates a dedicated Risk Management module designed for conducting risk assessments. This module can be interconnected with the PTW module, and it also offers the functionality to upload copies of risk assessments.

Authorization:The permit is a formal authorization that must be obtained before work begins. It is typically issued by a responsible person, such as a supervisor or manager, after ensuring that all necessary precautions are in place. Our application streamlines the approval process for PTW with the convenience of approving it in just a few clicks.

Conditions and Controls:The permit outlines specific conditions and controls that must be adhered to during the course of the work. This may include details about personal protective equipment (PPE), isolation procedures, and other safety measures.

Communication:The PTW system often involves effective communication between different parties, such as the person requesting the permit, the authorizing party, and those involved in the work. This ensures that everyone is aware of the risks and precautions. Our application will send instant notifications through email, mobile app and desktop notifications.

Duration:The permit is usually valid for a specific duration, after which it may need to be renewed or reissued if the work is ongoing. Our system automatically designates the status as "expired" once the validity period has elapsed.

Monitoring and Review:The progress of the work is monitored to ensure that it is being conducted in accordance with the permit conditions. If there are any changes in the work scope or conditions, a review and potential update of the permit may be necessary. The application provides the capability to halt operations through a “Permit Stoppage” feature in the event of safety procedure violations.

Precautions Checklist

Here’s a checklist that covers some key aspects:

  • Task description

  • Assessment of potential risks

  • Control measures

  • PPE

  • Authorization and training

  • Emergency procedures

  • Permit approval and authorization

  • Conduct a thorough worksite inspection

  • Continuous monitoring

  • Post-work review to evaluate the incidents

Precautions Checklist
Key Features

Key Features

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Centralize data in one single platform

  • Easy accessibility

  • Export data in PDF or Excel format

  • It can be integrated with any technology platform

  • Gain real-time insights on permit statuses

  • Generated detailed reports

Why Do You Need A General Work Permit From NeoEHS?

A general work permit facilitates the management and issuance of permits for various work activities within an organization. Some of our app features include:

Digital Permit

With our app, users can create digital permits for specific tasks or activities, detailing the work to be done, associated risks, safety measures, and required authorizations.

Centralized Data Storage

The app allows for the storage of documents related to permits, such as safety procedures, risk assessments, and authorization records.

Real-time Monitoring

Users can track the status of permits in real-time, knowing when they are pending, approved, or expired using our app.

Safety Compliance

Our app ensures that the work to be carried out complies with safety standards by integrating safety guidelines and regulations.

Notifications and Alerts

You can get instant reminders for permit expiry, upcoming renewals, or incomplete actions to maintain compliance through our application.

Reporting and Analytics

Our application generates reports and analytics on permits issued, types of work conducted, safety incidents, and compliance levels.