NeoEHS Work At Height Permit

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Work At Height Permit

A work at height permit is a document that authorizes and outlines the procedures for performing tasks at elevated positions. Typically required for activities involving heights, such as construction, maintenance, or repairs conducted above ground level, this permit includes essential details such as the location, duration, safety measures, required equipment, and precautions to safeguard workers while operating at elevated positions.

Our software is a digital tool designed to manage and streamline the process of authorizing and documenting work that involves heights or elevated positions. It allows organizations to create, issue, and track permits for tasks or projects that involve working at height, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and procedures.

What Activities Come Under Work at Height?

"Work at height" refers to any work that takes place above ground level or at a distance where a person could be injured if they fell. Various activities fall under the category of work at height, including:

  • Construction and maintenance work

  • Clean windows of tall buildings or skyscrapers

  • Pruning, trimming, or cutting trees

  • Install, repair, or maintain telecommunication towers

  • Installing electrical cables, pipes, or other utilities

  • Painting and decorating

  • Scaffolding and construction of platforms

  • Use of ladders and mobile elevated platforms (MEWPS)

  • Tasks performed in mountainous or rugged terrain

What Activities Come Under Work at Height?
Components of Work at Height Permit To Work

Components of Work at Height Permit To Work

PTW for work at height is a crucial document ensuring safety when performing tasks at elevated positions. Its components may include:

  • Work location, date of commencement and completion of work

  • Description Of Work

  • Risk Assessment

  • Safety Procedures

  • Access Equipment

  • Consideration Of Weather Conditions

  • Approval by authorised competent person

  • Appropriate Training

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Validity And Duration

Precautions Checklist

When working at height, it's crucial to ensure safety measures are in place. Here's a checklist for a work-at-height permit:

  • Implementation of Work at Height Control Measures

  • Assessment of Control Measures

  • Site Survey with Supervisor

  • Equipment Inspection and Safety Measures

  • Installation of Fall Prevention Equipments such as Anchorage/Lifeline

  • Installation of Travel Restraint System

  • Barricades and Warning Signs

  • Safe Access and Egress

  • Provide Edge Protection

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Weather Conditions and Surroundings

  • Communication and Signage

  • Supervision and Monitoring

  • Document Any Incidents or Near Misses

  • Conduct a Debriefing Session

Precautions Checklist
Top Features

Top Features

  • Configurable dashboard

  • Streamline workflow

  • Customizable

  • Export data in PDF or Excel format

  • Upload pictures and videos

  • It can be integrated with any EHS systems

  • Send alerts and reminders for upcoming permit expirations

  • Gain real-time reports on permit

Why Is It Necessary To Use NeoEHS Work At Height Permit App?

A work at height permit to work is crucial for various reasons:

Permit Management

Our application allows for the creation, submission, and approval of PTW for work at height digitally. The permit can be created with ease.

Risk Assessment

Our app streamlines assessing the risks associated with the work at height, including checklists or forms to identify potential hazards and necessary control measures.


Enable the attachment and storage of relevant documents such as safety procedures, equipment certifications, rescue plans, and permits within our app.

Checklists and Inspections

Using our app, you can customize checklists for pre-work inspections, ensuring that all necessary safety measures and equipment checks are completed before commencing work.

Incident Reporting

The use of PTW of work at height to work allows for the immediate reporting of incidents or near misses.

Audit Reporting

Maintain records of permit approvals, safety checks, and incident reports, assisting with compliance audits using our app.

Compliance and Regulations

Our application ensures that organizations maintain compliance with relevant laws and safety regulations.

Easy Integration

Seamless integration with other software or platforms used within your organization can streamline processes and data management.