COVID Management

Monitor The Impact Of COVID Across Your Organization With Our COVID Management Software

With NeoEHS COVID management software, you can track COVID-19 and related cases in your business.

Effortless Tracking

Automate your tedious manual processes, so you can keep track of potentially infected people, their contacts, and their medical histories while being compliant. Using our software, you can pay close attention to employee health, bring controls, and ensure that the new health and safety guidelines are being followed.

Infection Case Management

Using the quick and simple online interface developed by NeoEHS, your employees may quickly and easily report any probable or proven COVID-19 infections. Managers are informed immediately to oversee a multistep testing process to improve the response to new COVID-19 events and hazards.

  • Identify health-related issues.
  • Multi-step testing process.
  • Report proven infections.
  • Take preventive measures.


Give your employees access to a self-evaluation tool online that estimates their risk of infection and provides recommendations for action based on their responses. Through this tool, they will be aware of whether they are affected by the Coronavirus or not. It reduces the panic situation among your workers.

  • Access to self-evaluation tool.
  • Schedule COVID tests.
  • Analyze the risk of infection.
  • Perform necessary measures.

Streamline Management Processes

Using our software, COVID health assessments are in line with your organizational structure, and it is simple to analyze data by team, business unit, or location. It allows you to control health-related risks both individually and organizationally. Thus, our COVID management software plays a vital role in streamlining your workflow with ease.

  • Align health assessments.
  • Track tasks.
  • Include case-related data.
  • New contact tracing feature.

Access Real-Time Data

Our COVID management software will help you to analyze the key health concerns due to the deadly virus across your organization regularly. Also, you can make decisions based on the current COVID landscape. Through personalized dashboards, you can track individual changes and also monitor day-to-day trend data.

  • Analyze health concerns.
  • COVID-19 checklists.
  • Personalized dashboards.
  • Stay updated with current records.

Report With Ease

By performing periodic inspections, you can manage, track, and report COVID rates in your organization. You can record qualitative and quantitative data on key measures to support COVID prevention initiatives. Use ready-to-use, industry-standard reports, and dashboards that can be quickly implemented for regional or global analysis, reporting, and trending.

  • Manage and report COVID cases.
  • Track individual changes.
  • Record detailed data.
  • COVID prevention initiatives.

Provide An Infection-Free Workplace For Your Employees!

Our COVID management software will help you in developing safe working initiatives for your employees.