NeoEHS Lifting Work Permit

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Lifting Work Permit

Lifting work permits are issued by authorized employees or regulatory bodies to permit lifting activities within a particular workplace. The protocol outlines the precautions, safety measures, and protocols that must be followed before, during, and after lifting operations.

Activities That Come Under Lifting Permit to Work

A lifting permit to work is required for various activities involving the lifting, moving, or positioning of heavy objects or equipment. However, here are some common activities that often necessitate a permit to work for lifting operations:

  • Crane operations

  • Elevated work platforms

  • Rigging and hoisting

  • Transporting heavy loads

  • Overhead lifting

  • Heavy machinery handling

  • Temporary structures or installations

Activities That Come Under Lifting Permit to Work
Components of a Lifting Work Permit

Components of a Lifting Work Permit

A lifting permit to work typically includes these components:

  • Work Location

  • Details about the lifting operation

  • Identification and evaluation of potential risks

  • Specific safety protocols to be followed during the lifting operation

  • Name of the personnel responsible for conducting and overseeing the lift

  • Date of commencement and expiration of the permit

  • Information about the permit issuer

  • Emergency procedures

  • Documentation confirming that all equipment involved in the lifting operation

  • Authorization signatures from a competent person

Lifting Work Permit Precautions Checklist

Here's a checklist of precautions commonly included in a permit to work for lifting operations:

  • Check for any obstacles or hazards

  • Assess ground conditions for the lifting equipment

  • Ensure that lifting equipment is in proper working condition

  • Confirm the competent personnel involved in the lifting operation

  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Monitor and consider weather conditions

  • Emergency procedures

  • Permit Authorization

  • Conduct post-lift inspections to verify that the lifting area is safe

  • Document any incidents or near misses

Lifting Work Permit Precautions Checklist
Key Features

Key Features

  • Checklists/forms can be customizable

  • Centralize all permit-related information in a single, accessible location

  • Easily export data in either PDF or Excel formats

  • Gain immediate insights into permit statuses in real-time

  • Receive timely alerts for permit expirations

  • Integrate with any technology platform

Why Do You Need A Lifting Work Permit From NeoEHS?

Using our application to get permit to work for lifting operations ensures safety during activities involving heavy lifting or crane operations.


Our app streamlines the permit process, making it quicker to request, review, and approve permits.

Easy Accessibility

Our application is accessible on mobile devices, and it allows users to request permits from anywhere.

Standardization and Compliance

By standardizing procedures and implementing compliance measures, we reduce errors and ensure all necessary information is included in permit requests.


Our app can be integrated with other systems or databases, providing a more connected and efficient workflow.

Real-time Updates

Using our application, organizations can receive real-time updates on the status of their permit request.

Digital Documentation

Storing permit-related documents digitally within our app ensures easy access to permits and certificates.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive and user-friendly application can enhance the overall experience for permit applicants.

Analytics and Reporting

Our app can generate insightful analytics and reports based on the lifting permit application data.