NeoEHS Underwater Work Permit

Obtain your underwater work permit hassle-free with our streamlined solution!

Underwater Work Permit

An underwater work permit is required for individuals to conduct various tasks or activities beneath the water's surface. These permits are essential for commercial divers, underwater welders, marine biologists, and others involved in underwater construction, maintenance, research, or exploration.

Our NeoEHS application helps streamline the permit application process and provides a centralized platform for communication and information sharing. Our app is immensely beneficial for professionals involved in underwater activities.

Activities That Come Under Underwater Work Permit

Some common activities that fall under an underwater permit include:

  • Commercial diving

  • Underwater welding and cutting

  • Studies conducted by marine biologists, oceanographers, or environmental scientists for research purposes

  • Underwater photography and filming

  • Underwater salvage operations

  • Expedition or exploration activities involving underwater archaeology

  • Underwater construction and maintenance

  • Marine habitat restoration

  • Underwater cable and pipeline installation

  • Controlled demolition, removal, or disposal of underwater structures

Activities That Come Under Underwater Work Permit
Components of Underwater Work Permit

Components of Underwater Work Permit

Here are the key components included in an underwater permit:

  • Details about the individual or team applying for the permit

  • Description of the planned underwater activities

  • Safety protocols

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Specification of the equipment, tools, and technologies

  • Identification of personnel involved in the project

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Permit duration and renewal

  • Approval from the corresponding competent person

  • Post-work assessment and reporting

Precautions Checklist

Here's a comprehensive checklist:

  • Permit acquisition

  • Assess the site for potential hazards

  • Safety equipment and diving gear

  • Safety training and certification

  • Emergency procedures

  • Dive planning and risk assessment

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Assign a qualified supervisor or dive marshal responsible for overseeing

  • Equipment maintenance and regular checks

  • Continuously monitor weather conditions and sea forecasts

  • Conduct thorough post-dive inspections of equipment and personnel

Precautions Checklist
Key Features

Key Features

  • Customizable checklists and forms

  • Export data in PDF or Excel format

  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

  • It can be integrated with any technology platform

  • Generate detailed reports on permit-related data

Why Do You Need To Get An Underwater Permit From NeoEHS?

Our application can help users automate the permit approval process with ease. Here are some features and functionalities such an app might include:

Digital Permits

Users can create digital permits through our app by filling out details such as personal information, certifications, project details, and safety protocols.

Real-Time Status Updates

Using the application, users can track the progress of their permit application or updates at various stages, from submission to approval.

Alerts and Notifications

You can also set reminders for permit expiration dates, renewal notifications, or any regulatory updates affecting underwater permits.

Document Upload and Verification

You can upload and verify essential documents such as diving certifications, safety training certificates, medical clearances, and project proposals using our app.

Offline Accessibility

Our app remains functional even without an internet connection, considering the possibility of limited connectivity in underwater environments.

User Profiles and History

You can maintain user profiles with a history of past permits, approvals, or rejections for reference using our application.