Hazard Management

Resolve Safety Hazards With Our Hazard Management Software

With our NeoEHS hazard management software, you can manage health and safety hazards in your organization effortlessly.

Hazard Reporting - Maximize Your View Of Operational Hazards

Streamline and simplify the recognition, evaluation, and control of operational hazards by using hazard management software. Drive powerful hazard management solutions that help mitigate losses and aid operational performance with real-time access. You can find, assess, reduce, and monitor all types of complexities with ease.

Conduct Hazard Assessment

You can shorten the time it takes to assess the current level of risk by recording findings, monitoring hazards, and systematically assigning corrective measures. Leverage our hazard management software to reduce common risks by compiling a list of industry-standard, custom, or standardized controls.

  • Execute up-to-date hazard analysis.
  • Track, examine, and report hazards.
  • Improve hazard reporting system.
  • Create a hazard-free workspace.
Centralized Data Collection

With centralized data collection, you can mitigate the burden of compliance, and manage hazards with full potential. You will get to see details such as associated stakeholders, activity, location, related operational risks, past assessments, and much more. Through this data, you can build a safer organization.

  • Analyze and assess hazards.
  • Get real-time data.
  • Build customized hazard reports.
  • Examine hazards at an early stage.
Notify Workers Of Hazardous Conditions

Safety managers, front-line staff, and supervisors can be notified via automated reports and email warnings when new risks are found or fixed in their areas. Reports for tracking hazards by source, department, and other criteria can be produced quickly by EHS professionals. Thus, the safety managers can examine it accordingly.

  • Reports to track hazards.
  • Automated reports.
  • Email alerts.
  • Notify employers.
Mitigate Hazards And Manage EHS Processes

Using hazard management software, you will get to see how the unresolved hazards are affecting the safety and health compliance of your organization. By analyzing the undetermined risks, you can protect your organization from future incidents and also manage EHS processes with ease.

  • Process hazard analysis.
  • Behavior-based safety.
  • Leading and lagging indicators.
  • Advance EHS management process.
Improve Operational Safety

Based on the Hazard Rating Number (HRN), solve the identified hazards using the required measures. With real-time data, you can assess hazards and decide on actions based on them. Ensure to understand the operational risks and prevent them before it causes any losses to your organization.

  • Comprehensive hazard analysis.
  • Identify operational hazards.
  • Review identified hazards.
  • Be compliant.

Determine, Mitigate And Eliminate Hazards With Ease!

Hazard management software helps you in developing a safer workspace. It helps you in organizing, managing, and mitigating the organization’s risk based on up-to-date data.