EHS Hazard Management Software

With our NeoEHS hazard management software, you can manage health and safety hazards in your organization effortlessly.

Resolve Safety Hazards With Our Hazard Management Software

Our software identifies, assesses, prioritizes, and manages various risks and hazards within an organization or a specific environment. It helps industries understand, evaluate, and mitigate potential risks to prevent accidents, injuries, and financial losses.

Hazard Identification

Hazard Identification

Allows users to identify and document various hazards across different areas of an organization.

User Access

User Access

Role-based access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can view, edit, or approve specific information.

Centralized Database

Centralized Database

A centralized database to store all hazard-related information, including risk assessments, control measures, reports, and compliance data.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Our hazard management software can be integrated with any other technology platform.

Key Features of Hazard Management Software

Hazard Identification

The software helps identify potential hazards by allowing users to input observations, incidents, near misses, or historical data. It may include tools for creating checklists, conducting audits, and accepting reports from employees.

Hazard Identification

Hazard Assessment

Our software assists in evaluating the severity and likelihood of identified hazards. It involves risk matrices, algorithms, or formulas to calculate risk levels based on the probability of occurrence and potential impact.

Hazard Assessment

Real-Time Monitoring

Enables users to generate comprehensive reports, incident logs, and documentation regarding identified hazards, risk assessments, and mitigation actions. It helps in compliance with regulatory requirements and internal reporting needs.

Real-Time Monitoring

Workflow Automation

Automation features streamline hazard management processes by automating risk assessments, notifications, reminders, and follow-ups. It increases efficiency and ensures that critical steps are not overlooked.

Workflow Automation

Incident Tracking

It allows for the recording and tracking of incidents related to identified hazards. This feature helps analyze the root causes of incidents, implement corrective actions, and prevent future occurrences.

Incident Tracking
  • Seamless integration with any technology platform such as Oracle, SAP, ERP, Active Directory, etc

  • Helps organizations stay compliant by automating compliance monitoring

  • Export data in PDF or Excel format

  • Advanced search and filter options to explore data

  • Attach documents/images/videos with ease

  • Access from anywhere, anytime

Why Choose Our Hazard Management Software?

Intuitive Platform

Centralized data collection streamlines compliance responsibilities, allowing for efficient management of potential risks. You can cultivate a safer organizational environment by accessing comprehensive details, including stakeholders, activities, locations, operational risks, past assessments, etc.

Get in-depth data.

Build customized hazard reports.

Examine hazards at an early stage.

Instant Notifications

Automated reports and notification alerts can keep safety managers, front-line staff, and supervisors informed about any new hazards identified or resolved in their areas. EHS professionals can instantly generate reports that track hazards based on various departments. It allows safety managers to review and address the information effectively.

Real-time alerts

Automated reports

Notify safety workers and employees

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Utilize the Hazard Rating Number (HRN) to address identified hazards by implementing necessary measures. Real-time data enables a comprehensive assessment of hazards, facilitating informed decision-making for appropriate actions. It's imperative to grasp operational risks and proactively prevent their occurrence to safeguard your organization from potential losses.

Comprehensive hazard analysis

Identify operational hazards

Review Identified Hazards

Hazard Mitigation

With our software, you gain visibility into the impact of unresolved hazards on your organization's safety and health compliance. Analyzing these unidentified risks enables proactive measures, shielding your organization from future incidents and also streamlining the management of EHS processes effortlessly.

Behavior-based safety

Leading and lagging indicators

Advanced EHS management process

Your Questions, Answered

This software is a tool designed to help organizations identify, assess, mitigate, and manage various types of hazards or risks within their operations or environment.

Features include risk assessment tools, incident reporting, hazard identification, real-time monitoring, analytics and reporting, compliance management, task assignment, and communication capabilities.

Yes, our solutions offer customizable features to meet the unique needs of different industries, such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing, etc.

Yes, our software is designed to support multiple users accessing and inputting data simultaneously, often with various permission levels.

Streamline Hazard Management Effortlessly with Our Cutting-Edge Software Solution

Simplify hazard management with intuitive EHS software designed for safety and efficiency. Empower your team to mitigate risks effectively and prioritize safety effortlessly.