Incident Management

Ensure Optimal Workplace Safety With Our Incident Management Software

NeoEHS Incident Management Software helps you to capture, track, examine, and manage all incidents in the workplace. It helps you to minimize the likelihood of future incidents.

Incident Reporting - Manage Incidents From Report To Closure Efficiently

Incident reporting is essential for building a successful environmental, safety, and health program. From injuries, illness, property damage, safety, and quality incidents to equipment failure, every incident can be tracked effortlessly using our incident management software. We focus on mitigating workplace incidents and prioritizing safety activity improvements.

Determine Root Cause Analysis

Determine the cardinal cause of EHS incidents by leveraging our root cause analysis methods. A workplace incident’s root cause is the triggering event that results in a workplace illness or injury. Our holistic approaches will help to analyze the cause of the incidents and provide safety processes for the future.

  • Track all types of incidents
  • Record detailed reports in a single system.
  • Report incidents, hazards, and misses.
  • Analyze data and prioritize your actions.
Advance Incident Visibility & Trends

A customized data dashboard will help you understand what is going on around your organization. You can proactively examine complex incidents with ease. Rich data visualization can aid you in understanding your organization in-depth. You can determine the defects in your organization and work on them for continuous improvement.

  • Create configurable dashboards.
  • Perform incident reporting anywhere.
  • Monitor EHS incidents in-depth.
  • Corrective action reporting.
Perform Compliance Management

Our EHS incident management software can help you to minimize the administrative compliance burden flawlessly. This software allows you to collect, organize, determine, and automatically report data. The collected data must comply with regular standards such as ISO, OSHA, RIDDOR, EPA, and international standards.

  • Perform safety incident investigations.
  • Advance tracking of workplace incidents.
  • Maintain proactive EHS compliance programs.
  • Create comprehensive reports.
Consolidated Incident Management

Creating a centralized incident report to save your time and money. It helps you in eliminating multiple sheets and duplicate entries. Through the collected detailed report, you can advance your EHS management program. You can also get an insight into historical and current incident reports. It aids you in reducing future incidents.

  • Simplify compliance and incident reporting.
  • Improve safety performance.
  • Prevent recurrences.
  • Get a real-time report of incidents.
Relevant Use Cases & Insights

Digitizes all of your event data. Using the past incident data, you can mitigate future negative outcomes. Enable real-time data transmission from the reporting site along the hierarchy chain. Promptly inform and alert safety leaders so that they can take appropriate action. It helps you to take timely action and control incidents.

  • Collect incident data.
  • Safety observations.
  • Near miss reporting.
  • Take preventive actions.

Let’s Design An Incident-Free Workplace Using Our EHS Software!

With our EHS incident management software, you can track, analyze and report incidents in your organization. It helps you to build a safer workplace for your employees.