NeoEHS: Your Comprehensive EHS Software Solution for the Construction Industry

With our cutting-edge EHS management software, you maintain compliance and efficiency of construction projects and your workforce.

Simplify compliance with EHS software for the construction company

Construction safety experts recognize how challenging it is to monitor and mitigate the hazards of a constantly changing job site. Organizing safety audits and inspections of a construction site and its equipment is one of the most effective ways to detect and prevent problems before they cause incidents. With our powerful environmental, health and safety system, we empower construction companies to ensure compliance, minimize risks, and promote a culture of safety across all projects.

Enhanced Construction Safety

Our EHS management software empowers construction industries to achieve their EHS objectives by integrating assessment and inspection modules, enabling the identification of unsafe practices and defective equipment at construction sites. The software we provide is designed specifically for the complexities of construction projects, considering the diverse range of hazards and the complex regulatory environment.

Enhanced Construction Safety
Enable Regulatory Compliance

Enable Regulatory Compliance

Improve employee engagement, establish a safety culture, and empower regulatory compliance with our software. Easily comply with OSHA and other regulations by streamlining the incident investigation and reporting process. Stay updated with constantly evolving regulatory requirements. Our workplace safety software seamlessly updates compliance standards and regulations, ensuring effortless compliance maintenance and avoiding expensive penalties.

Real-Time Access From Anywhere, Anytime

EHS software can track, analyze, and report incidents on the construction site using any device. You can gain real-time reports effortlessly. You can create a safer work culture for your employees through these recorded data. You can gain insights into your safety performance using our EHS management system’s comprehensive data analytics. Monitor key leading indicators, pinpoint trends, and leverage data-driven insights to enhance your safety program continually.

Real-Time Access From Anywhere, Anytime

Solutions for the construction company

Risk/Hazard Management

Identify potential hazards and assess risks associated with construction activities.

Incident Management

Simplify the reporting and administration of incidents, accidents, and near misses.

Observation Management

Easily capture, analyze, and act upon observations to build a safer work culture.

Inspection & Audit

Customize checklists, schedule inspections, and generate detailed reports.

Training Management

Ensure that your workforce is well-trained and certified to perform their duties safely.

Permit To Work Management

Improve the process of permit issuance for construction activities.

Emergency Management

Prevent, prepare for, and manage a wide variety of workplace emergencies.

PPE Management

Designed to streamline and optimize the management of your PPE inventory.