How is EHS Software Beneficial for Ports?

NeoEHS Dec 27 2022

Benefites EHS Software in Ports

Nowadays, ports are striving hard to build a safer environment. It affects performance and productivity also. 

The port industry is changing due to new laws from the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). Based on these laws, many processes are updated for offshore energy companies and ports. Due to recent important improvements mandated by the BSEE, environmental, health, and safety programs must now be even more effective and efficient in ensuring the safety of employees, suppliers, and clients.

In this article, let’s see a few benefits of using EHS software for ports.

1. Build Zero-Harm Environment

Ports are known for higher risks. There are various risks such as oil spilling, injuries, environmental damage, cargo theft/missing, equipment shortage, lack of port security, and much more. By using workplace health and safety software ports can mitigate incidents and also grow a safer environment with ease. With software, you can track, manage, and report risks with ease. By doing so, you can minimize future incidents and create a zero-harm environment.

To achieve zero incidents at ports, at NeoEHS, we offer various safety modules such as:

  • ATAR
  • Incident management
  • Inspection management
  • Permit to work
  • Guard tour system
  • Port security access

2.  Manage Confined Safety Hazards

A thorough awareness of the health and safety risks associated with permit-required confined space entry is necessary due to port conditions. With  EHS software designed specifically for the port industry, keep track of data about ventilation standards, atmospheric risks, and training.

3. Advanced Port Security

The entry of ships into ports affects national security. The professionals will make sure to dock safely and also stay compliant. Having cutting-edge EHS software helps you on top of everything, from tracking incident reactions when handling goods to maintaining regulatory compliance with OSHA, OSHAD, NEOSH, DOSH, MOM, and much more.

4. Ensures Safety

With NeoEHS software, you can track, analyze, and report operational risks with ease. Our safety practices will help you in building a safer work culture for your employees. Many port industries opt to use the EHS software to keep track of their employees and also notify them about the risks. We plan to build safety procedures that abide by OSHA regulations. Hence, make use of our environmental, health, and safety software to create a safer environment.

Final Thoughts

EHS software can play a vital role in advancing your performance, minimizing risks, reducing incidents, and growing productivity seamlessly. From this article, we hope you have got to know some benefits of using EHS software. There are still many other benefits too. By using the right software, you can create a safer, healthier, and more compliant organization.