Counted as one of the most risky places to work at, a port too can be made a safe haven for both men and machinery at work, with NeoEHS safety audit software in place. Employees at work on the port are routinely exposed to just about every Environmental Health Safety risks of both land and sea. From vessel and equipment safety to spills, toxic chemicals, and general safety hazards, one minor misstep can cause a ripple of potentially fatal occurrences. While transporting cargo, the health of the workforce involved in doing the job is at risk. This makes it paramount for the respective employer in question to involve qualified staff per se. Another potential risk factor is from the vehicles on the port. It must be made mandatory that only authorized personals are permitted to operate the vehicles on the ports. Unforeseen factors like bad weather, dust, fumes and harmful gases among others can also pose a risk to the men who are at work on the port. However, work related risks at the port can be minimized with Safety Software in place.