Case Study


TRL Krosaki, an Indian manufacturing company, has leveraged our NeoEHS software to enhance the efficiency of their permit authorization procedures and to facilitate incident reporting.


TRL Krosaki is an Indian company specializing in the production of refractories. The company manufactures many products, including RH Snorkel Refractories, Basic, Dolomite, High Alumina, Monolithics, Silica, and Taphole Clay.


TRL has numerous challenges that impact safety and overall productivity. Here are some of the critical hurdles that the TRL industry encounters:

  • The necessity for centralized data across all departmental units
  • Increased manual labor involved in assessing operational risks within the organization
  • Absence of a standardized process for monitoring hazardous work through the Permit to Work (PTW) system
  • Unable to report incidents

Modules Offered

Based on the requirements of TRL, we provided modules such as:

  • Incident management
  • Permit to work

NeoEHS Solution

Implement the NeoEHS system to manage, track, and report incident and permit-related data. Our system plays a vital role in automating EHS processes and reducing future incidents. Also, TRL was able to standardize its permit approval process and handle issuing, tracking, and managing permits effortlessly.

Results and Benefits

The NeoEHS software created a significant enhancement in staff health and safety management. Precise incident tracking, a streamlined reporting process, user-friendly accessibility, mobile-responsive design, substantial cost and labour savings, ongoing functional enhancements, and effortless enhancement of specific risk and hazard management processes characterize this improvement.