Case Study

An Indian-based real estate firm, uses NeoEHS to track incidents, meet regulatory requirements, and improve workplace safety.


This company has played a pivotal role in shaping the real estate landscape of India. It is a prominent player in the country's commercial real estate sector. With its primary emphasis on creating residential, commercial, and retail properties, it ranks among the most prominent developers in the nation.


This leading real estate company faces numerous challenges impacting its efficiency, safety, and overall success. Here are some of the critical challenges faced by this industry:

  • Need for proper data management
  • Real-time tracking of incidents
  • Monitoring of risks and hazards
  • Lack of safety training
  • Ensure workers' safety
  • Streamline audit process
  • Meet up with environmental regulations

NeoEHS System

NeoEHS focuses on delivering a holistic safety and compliance solution tailored to your unique needs. Through intuitive dashboard access, customized configurations, seamless integration, effortless reporting, easy accessibility, real-time tracking, a responsive notification system, and efficient task scheduling, we provide a comprehensive platform to help you build a zero-harm environment.

Modules Offered

As per the requirements of the client, we offered modules such as

Our Solutions

Our software plays a significant role in streamlining EHS processes and mitigating future incidents. Based on the customer's requirements, we offer modules that simplify their workflows.

  • Multiple device accessibility has been enabled
  • Streamline workflows effortlessly
  • Our audit management software automates audit processes, ensuring effective tracking and reporting of potential risks
  • Seamless methods of incident identification
  • Simplify the planning, tracking, and administration of employee training programs


The NeoEHS solutions have impacted the industry, streamlining workflows and prioritizing efficiency. The effective deployment of our software has enhanced the monitoring of employee well-being and safety concerns. One of the significant benefits they have experienced is the reduction in the need for an extensive workforce. Our software's automation and data management capabilities have allowed the industry to optimize labor resources, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity. Furthermore, the advanced features and capabilities NeoEHS offers have enabled them to conduct audits efficiently.