What NeoEHS Do

Health and safety of men and machinery is priority of the industry owners. Both can be achieved at one time with environment health and safety software. NeoEHS transforms the workplace making it safe and secure allowing industries to function and operate and achieve targets and goals. Regardless of the sector, NeoEHS is sure to give industry owners full value for their money.


Innovation and changes in technology directly impacts the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing units …
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Port / Maritime

Counted as one of the most risky places to work at, a port too can be made a safe haven [&helli…
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Logistics is one of the sectors that is known for its complex operations. The sector is involved in …
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Employees of the chemical industry work under harsh environments. This makes it all the more importa…
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Oil and Gas

The workforce involved in the sector is prone to health risks at all times. Workers in the oil and g…
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It is sad but the truth is that year on year several lives are lost in the construction sector. Cons…
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The aviation sector follows the highest safety standards and protocol. Aviation companies across the…
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