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We are the best in ensuring the business with best environment safety beyond the expectations.

NEOEHS is an organization which is wealthy in vitality and reason. At the point when NEOEHS was first established, not very many organizations contemplated ecological, wellbeing or quality administration, and even less idea to actualize programming frameworks to encourage this administration.

Since 2007, we have been utilizing the most recent advancements to make the world a more secure and progressively practical spot. We’re glad for our history of trailblazing.

Construction Health and Safety Software

Our occupational safety management expertise regarding various industries has been one of our flagship projects. We believe OSH implementation and management is hugely lacking in the industry. Even though there are many labor laws protecting workers rights, occupational hazard and protective gear usage along with training complying with international standards have not been mandated by the government.

NEOEHS would transform the industries towards providing a healthy environment for the employees and the labor force ensuring workplace safety. The implementation of OSH and periodical maintenance of standards would result in increased industrial productivity. Thus, the government can ensure higher per-capita productivity with reduced accident rates for the nation. This would elevate India’s position to be at par with the developed nations.

Our mission is to provide a safety culture environment for our customers. Initiatives are taken to target high-payoff intellectual capital for customized technologies. This provides a strategy and standard for an industry to make to thrive towards safety culture.

NeoEHS is capable of handling all aspects of pre and post EHS management system with its strategic approach, flexible features, and modules.

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